I thought I’d take a moment to discuss the evolution of this novel I’ve been working on since Oct. of 2010, especially since I serialized the first draft of it on this website from January 2011 until March of 2012. Since that early inception of my manuscript, initially titled All The Night A Song,  we’ve seen many revisions. Regarding the title,  my agent convinced me that we needed a title more specific to the actual story and plot in the book. We settled upon The Ecstatic & The Thief instead, which certainly is snappier. Also, it highlights the theme of duality that runs throughout the piece.

Thanks to Tony Bonds for his help in putting together this mock-up for the book.

Thanks to Tony Bonds for his help in putting together this mock-up for the book.

I revised the manuscript thoroughly with Jason before he put it out to the market. And now, I am embarking again on a revision. A major revision. Nay–an overhaul! A rewrite of half of the damn thing! And I’m feeling great about it.

The motivating factor is that we’ve gotten major interest from an editor with a major house. No specifics at present, as nothing is solid or confirmed. There’s no guarantee that the book will even sell to them when the revision is done. But the book is better now–and that’ the most important thing. And I’ve gotten the chance to make the writing and storytelling stronger, and to bring the level of the writing up to where I am now.

But also, and perhaps most important, the characters are still speaking to me. I still care about them, about their plight, their wants, their desires. I’m not sure if any of this would be possible if I didn’t.

In short, it’s a frustrating but exciting time and continues to yield discovery and mystery. At present I’ve re-written about the first 10 chapters, and am finally moving into some familiar territory where I’m not scrapping as much of the old material. This hopefully will allow things to move along a bit more quickly, as my pace as of yet has been glacial.

Perhaps I’ll have some good news to report by the end of the year. (Maybe?!)

More soon!