A Poppy and a Glimmer in the Dark:

Mannequin men can’t drink tea. They try, but it’s all a game of pretend. It’s only in periphery that you notice it.
Only in dim, faux lamplight.

Gib Pasqual might be the only man who still notices. When rumors surface that Mink might be alive, it is only Gib, former North American Union Agent and smart-ass extraordinaire, who can untangle the mystery involving his old flame, Red, and her wayward kid brother. Trouble finds Gib at every turn once he takes the plunge to the underwater megalopolis, Seven Sands. There he digs up old secrets and attracts the wrong kind of attention. Drug addled, liquored up, and broken-hearted, Gib haunts the dilapidated streets of Paradise Island in search of another pull of Huff and answers to a mounting stack of questions. He gets himself tangled up in an ever thickening web of mystery and deception. And he discovers at least one incontrovertible truth: at 4,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, the pressure is high and the scotch keeps cold.

A Poppy and a Glimmer in the Dark presents a not-so-far-away crumbling future where theocracies are the norm, the rich and able disguise themselves in skim (living tissue over living tissue), and recreational pharmaceuticals come in a rainbow spectrum, from Lemon Fizz to Grape Ape.

This short novel is an amalgamation of genres and styles; a mixed drink consisting of two parts Gibsonesque cyberpunk, one part Raymond Chandler’s noir detective novel, a twist of Jules Verne, and a dash of bitters.