It’s been a busy few months! Some occurrences worth noting:

My novelette “The New Cambrian” has sold to F&SF, making it my 3rd sale to this esteemed publication. This sale also made me eligible to join the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), which I have promptly done! Look for “The New Cambrian” to run sometime early in 2014. More news on that as it comes.

I recently attended Westercon 66 in Sacramento, where I got to hang out and have dinner with Kim Stanley Robinson, Karen Joy Fowler, Kelley Eskridge (@kelleyeskridge), and Nicola Griffith (@nicolaz)–amazing writers, all. I also got to meet and have a few drinks with many members of Clarion, class of 88. As you might imagine, the Clarion love was definitely strong at this conference.

Andy&AndyRadioEarlier this week, I was a guest on Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour on KDVS, the local college radio station in Davis, CA. There, Dr. Andy and I discussed a few current issues in sci-fi, including the Orson Scott Card homophobia/terrible person issue. We also chatted about my novella “Wormwood Is Also A Star,” and I read a few passages. I’d never been on the radio before, and found it to be a good deal of fun once things got rolling. I wouldn’t call myself a captivating radio presence in that first half of the show.

Finally, I recently did an interview with F&SF regarding the inspiration for and writing of “Wormwood.” It’s more of a short essay, actually, and I enjoyed writing it.  You can check that out here!